Man with Two Lives

Genre: Sci-Fi - Sci-Fi
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Run time: minutes

Man with Two Lives is a 1942 American film directed by Phil Rosen and written by Joseph Hoffman.The story is of a man who is brought back from the dead and whose body is hijacked by the soul of an executed gangster, consequently making the deceased man a high proze criminal.At the beginning of the story the happy couple Phillip Bennett and Louise Hammond are engaged to be married. A major bump on their planned road to the future emerges when sadly Phillip is killed in a traffic accident as they are driving back from their very engagement party.The dubious Dr. Clarke, who apparently is known for being able to revive deceased animals, is called on for the purpose of bringing Phillip back to life. By midnight on that very same night as Phillips demise, the infamous criminal Panino, is to receive his capital punishment for his crimes: execution through electrocution.Just minutes before midnight Dr. Clarke performs his resuscitaion operation and it is a successful one, but when Panino dies moments later his ominous soul enters and claims Phillip's body. The soul change goes unnoticed however, and Phillip's body is brought home to his hopeful wife to be. At first it appears Phillip suffers from severe amnesia, and he is uncapable of recognizing any of the persons previously known to him, which is of course an unpleasant surprise.

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