Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (1937)

Genre: Action - Crime
Release Date:
Run time: 57 minutes
Director: Albert Herman
Actors: James Newill, Carol Hughes, William Royle

In the summer of 1937, a dangerous gang of counterfeiters are transporting illegal money from the United States into Canada concealed inside frozen trout. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police assures the United States Treasury officials that they will cooperate fully in helping to apprehend the criminals. RCMP Constable MacDonald is sent out to assist in the investigation. While riding near Deer Lake, he sees a suspicious Indian rowing a canoe. When he calls to him, the Indian flees into the woods. MacDonald investigates the strange block of ice left behind and soon discovers the counterfeit money hidden inside the frozen trout. The Indian Pierre, who works for the counterfeiters, sees what has happened and kills MacDonald with a deadly throw of a knife.

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