'It's Alive!'

Genre: Horror - Sci-Fi
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

'It's Alive!' is a 1969 American monster movie directed by Larry Buchanan and distributed by American International Pictures, about a mad farmer who tries to feed a stranded couple to a dinosaur he keeps in a cave. The tagline was "Trapped in a Cave of Terror!".Norman Sterns (Corveth Ousterhouse) and Leela Sterns (Shirley Bonne) are newlyweds who are driving from their home in New York City to Los Angeles. They become lost and run out of gas, stranding them in the rural Ozark countryside. They meet a friendly paleontologist named Wayne Thomas (Tommy Kirk). Wayne suggests that they visit the nearest farm that could provide gas. The farm is run by a strange man named Greely (Bill Thurman), who tells them that the gasoline truck was supposed to arrive the previous day, but since it didn't, he expects it there any minute. Greely suggests that they go inside to the parlor, where it's cooler. On the way up to the house, he asks if they know anybody out here, in case they may be waiting for them. They say no, and when they get inside, Greely goes off to tell his "housekeeper", Bella (Annabelle Weenick) to make some iced tea. She argues with him on what he will "do with them", but Greely smacks her, and threatens that she will "take their place" if she doesn't serve them some tea.

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