Deep Red (1975)

Genre: Horror - Musical
Release Date:
Run time: 98 minutes
Director: Dario Argento
Actors: David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Lavia

The movie starts off with two shadowy figures struggling until one of them is stabbed to death while we hear a child's scream. The film follows music teacher Marcus Daly (Hemmings) as he investigates the violent murder of psychic medium Helga Ulmann (Macha Meril), which he witnesses in an apartment building. Before the murder, Ulmann had a lecture in a theatre where she suddenly sensed that there was someone with a twisted and violent mind in the audience and she seems to know who it is but it was too late before she could tell anyone. Other major characters are introduced early, including Daly's friend Carlo (Gabriele Lavia), Carlo's mother Martha (Clara Calamai), Ulmann's associate Dr. Giordani (Glauco Mauri) and reporter Gianna Brezzi (Daria Nicolodi).

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