The Naked Witch

Genre: Horror - Sci-Fi
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

The Naked Witch is a 1961 American horror film written and directed by Larry Buchanan. It was financed by a Texan drive-in theater owner who wanted a movie with lots of nudity, even though the actual resulting nudity in the film is negligible. The film was shot in 1960 in Luckenbach, Texas, but was not released until 1964. The copyright date in the film's credits is 1961. The film was successful and helped launch Buchanan's career.The film starts out with a prolonged general historical narrative (albeit overly exaggerated and sensationalized for dramatic purposes), given by Gary Owens. Then a student, (played by Robert Short), researching early German settlements in Central Texas (Luckenbach), uncovers the grave of a formerly executed witch (played by Libby Hall). The vengeful witch rises from her grave and embarks on a campaign of seduction, revenge and murder against the descendants of those responsible for her death.

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