Non-Stop New York

Genre: Sci-Fi - Crime
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

Non-Stop New York (also known as Libson Clipper Mystery) is a 1937 British science fiction crime film directed by Robert Stevenson and starring John Loder, Anna Lee and Francis L. Sullivan.[N 1] It is based on the novel Sky Steward by Ken Attiwill. A woman who can clear an innocent man of the charge of murder is pursued by gangsters onto a luxurious transatlantic flying boat.On New Year's Eve 1938, lawyer Billy Cooper notices stranded English showgirl Jennie Carr (Anna Lee) gazing hungrily at other diners' plates and offers to buy her a meal. However, the restaurant is all out of food, so he invites her to his apartment. Before they arrive, Abel, another equally hungry and unemployed person, sneaks in for a chicken leg. Hearing them coming, he hides in a bedroom. When Jennie enters the room to remove her coat, he begs her not to cause trouble. She sympathizes with his plight and says nothing to Billy.

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