Warning From Space (1963)

Genre: Sci-Fi - Adventure
Release Date:
Run time: 88 minutes
Director: Koji Shima
Actors: Keizô Kawasaki, Toyomi Karita, Bin Yagisawa

A small ship travels to a rotating space station. Aboard the station, a group of starfish-like beings discuss how to warn humans of an impending disaster, deciding on contacting Japanese scientist Dr. Kumara. Meanwhile, flying saucers are spotted over the skies of Tokyo, baffling scientists. A journalist tries to get a statement from Dr. Kumara about the sightings, but Kumara replies that there is not enough evidence to formulate a hypothesis. At an observatory, Professor Isobe spots an object in his telescope apparently releasing smaller objects. Isobe discusses his findings with Kumara and a physician, Dr. Matsuda, who takes photographs of the object, though they turn out to be unclear. But they can still deduce the object has a high energy output. Meanwhile, the extraterrestrials have been unsuccessfully attempting to contact humans. They appear in lakes and rivers, frightening fishermen and sailors. One of the aliens manages to get a photo of Hikari Aozora, a famous Japanese entertainer. They plan to have one of the aliens mutate to look like Aozora. Back aboard the space station, one of the Pairan leaders, Ginko, volunteers to slowly mutate into the human form. On Earth, Toru, Isobe's son, discovers the disguised alien floating in the water. After her rescue, she exhibits superhuman characteristics such as jumping ten feet and materializing in different places. Soon, she disrupts Dr. Matsuda's work on a nuclear device, explaining she understands the complex equations he was writing and warning against the effects of a device. Shortly afterwards, as the team of scientists discuss her abnormal traits, Ginko reveals her true identity, explaining she is from Paira, a world on the same orbit as Earth but on the opposite side of the Sun. She then announces her mission, to warn Earth of an imminent collision of a rogue planet, which is dubbed "Planet R" by the media. They appeal to the World Congress about the situation, but are ejected. Only after they prove evidence of Planet R and its rapid acceleration does the World Congress launch its nuclear weapons, which are ineffective. In the meantime, spies have abducted Matsuda and are attempting to steal his formula to the nuclear device. Matsuda does not comply and is eventually left tied to a chair in a remote building. As the Earth's atmosphere heats up because of the approaching Planet R, Ginko again arrives to learn why it hasn't been destroyed yet. Using Pairan technology they rescue Matsuda and the formula for the device. They watch as the device is fired at Planet R destroying it. Earth's atmosphere immediately begins to cool, saving humanity.

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