Ghosts on the Loose

Genre: Sci-Fi - Sci-Fi
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

Ghosts on the Loose is a 1943 American film and the fourteenth film in the East Side Kids series, directed by William Beaudine.The film was released in the United Kingdom as Ghosts in the Night.When Glimpy (Huntz Hall)'s sister, Betty (Ava Gardner), marries Jack (Rick Vallin), Muggs (Leo Gorcey) singlehandedly organises the wedding. The gang provide a choral version of Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes as well as organ music. Scruno (Sammy Morrison), Stash (Stanley Clements) and Benny (Billy Benedict) provide a floral centrepiece by "borrowing" a funeral wreath meant for a murdered gangster's funeral on the morrow. Danny (Bobby Jordan) and Rocky (Bobby Stone) also borrow the deceased gangster's tuxedo prior to his funeral for Glimpy who is the best man. Scruno's mother provides rice to throw that she has cooked to make extra soft. Muggs also organises a police escort by telling the police gangsters will try and break up the wedding with Glimpy adlibbing they are the notorious Katzman Gang, (the producer of the film series).

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