Genre: Horror - Fantasy
Release Date:
Run time: minutes
Actors: Paul Wegener

The Golem is presented to the public as the family's new servant, it has a pentagram on it's chest, not a David's star, that triggers it's activity. Loew brings the Golem to a festival at the castle, the rabbi's magic story-telling causes great laughter in the audience, but the Golem finally saves the show by keeping the roof of the building from collapsing, serving as a living pillar, so the jewish people is pardoned. Back home Loew disables the Golem, when it starts turning against himself, but it is reactivated by his family-members, badly threatens Miriam and Florian, the knight is even killed and the family's house is set on fire while the rabbi does service at the synagoge. Unconscious Miriam is kidnapped by the demon, the fire destroys the whole house.

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