Creature of Destruction

Genre: Horror - Sci-Fi
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

Creature of Destruction is a 1967 American made-for-television film produced and directed by Larry Buchanan. It is an uncredited color remake of the 1956 movie The She Creature directed by Edward L. Cahn.Suave, silver-haired stage hypnotist and self-proclaimed clairvoyant and expert on reincarnation Dr. Basso's experiments in hypnotic regression take his beloved beautiful blonde assistant/unwilling test subject Doreena back to a prehistoric past life as an amphibious humanoid 'Gill Monster'.Using the entranced Doreena to summon the physical manifestation of the hideous fish-faced creature out of the depths of a nearby lake, the tuxedo and top hat-clad Basso commands the savage she-beast to commit brutal murders, partially for revenge on a world which scoffed at his strange occult theories and unshakable belief that mindlessly destructive primeval monsters still lurk hidden deep within all of us, but mostly for the notoriety they bring his performances when he predicts the killings before they happen.

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