Unknown World

Genre: Sci-Fi - Romance
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

Unknown World (a.k.a. Night Without Stars) is a 1951 independently made, black-and-white science fiction adventure film from Lippert Pictures, produced by Irving A. Block, Jack Rabin, and Robert L. Lippert, directed by Terry O. Morse, that stars Bruce Kellogg, Marilyn Nash, Jim Bannon, and Otto Waldis.Unknown World may have been loosely inspired by Jules Verne's novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) and At the Earth's Core (1914) by Edgar Rice Burroughs.[citation needed].The film's storyline concerns an expedition seeking livable space deep beneath the Earth's surface in the event a nuclear war makes surface life impossible.Dr. Jeremiah Morley (Victor Kilian) is concerned about an imminent nuclear war. He organizes an expedition of scientists and has them use a large atomic-powered tank-like boring machine, the Cyclotram, capable of drilling down deep through earth and stone, to find an underground environment where humanity could escape the coming nuclear holocaust.

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