Genre: Horror - Sci-Fi
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Run time: minutes

Bloodlust! is a 1961 American horror thriller film based on Robert Connell's short story "The Most Dangerous Game." It was produced by Robert H. Bagley and written, directed and produced by Ralph Brooke for Cinegraf Productions. The movie stars Wilton Graff, June Kenney, Joan Lora, Eugene Persson and Robert Reed. Its plot follows four young adults who visit a tropical island only to become prey for a sadistic hunter. It was filmed in 1959 but not released until 1961, when it was the second movie on a double bill with The Devil's Hand.Two couples - Betty and Johnny (June Kenney and Robert Reed), and Jeanne and Pete (Joan Lora and Eugene Persson) - are vacationing at sea together. When the ship's captain passes out drunk, they decide to go to a nearby jungle island. As they depart, Capt. Tony (Troy Patterson) awakens and calls out, warning them not to.As they explore the island, Johnny falls into a pit. The others start pulling him out, but look up to see Dr. Balleau (Wilton Graff) and two servants. Balleau orders the servants to help get Johnny out.

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