Kansas Pacific (1953)

Genre: Western - Romance
Release Date:
Run time: 73 minutes
Director: Ray Nazarro
Actors: Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Barton MacLane

Kansas Pacific is a 1953 U.S. Cinecolor western film released by Allied Artists Pictures and directed by Ray Nazarro. It stars Sterling Hayden and Eve Miller. The movie offers a fictionalized account of the struggle to build the Kansas Pacific Railway in the 1860s just prior to the American Civil War. In the movie the building of the railroad in Kansas is opposed by sympathizers of the Confederacy.

General Winfield Scott sends a Corps of Engineers captain (Hayden) incognito to complete the railroad in order to supply western outposts when the anticipated war starts. Opposing the railway is Confederate William Quantrill (Reed Hadley), whose mission is to stop or delay the railway from being completed.

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