Frankenstein's Daughter

Genre: Horror - Sci-Fi
Release Date:
Run time: minutes

Frankenstein's Daughter is an independent 1958 science-fiction horror film produced by Marc Frederic and George Fowley, and directed by Richard E. Cunha. It stars John Ashley, Sandra Knight, Donald Murphy and Sally Todd. Set in the time the film was made, it tells the story of bringing to life the first female Frankenstein's monster. The movie was distributed by Astor Pictures and released theatrically in late 1958 on a double bill with Missile to the Moon.Teenager Trudy Morton (Sandra Knight), who lives with her uncle Carter Morgan (Felix Locher), has nightmares in which she dreams that she is a monster running about the streets at night. Trudy believes the dreams are real. Her boyfriend Johnny Bruder (John Ashley) does not, nor do her friends Suzie Lawler (Sally Todd) and Don (Harold Lloyd Jr.). Little does Trudy know, but she actually does turn into a monster at night, thanks to Carter's unpleasant lab assistant Oliver Frank (Donald Murphy). He lives with them, works in Carter's home lab and has been spiking Trudy's fruit punch with the formula that he and Carter are developing. Carter's goal is to eliminate all disease so that people can live forever; Oliver's goal is something quite different.

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